Miss Bec’s Responsibilities
My commitment is to provide students with a comprehensive music education in a warm, supportive environment. Students are exposed to a range of music, technology, styles and creative endeavours. Lessons are designed to suit individual goals and desires – encouraging students to be curious and creative. As a repertoire rich studio, students will learn a large amount of repertoire and enjoy a holistic education that suits their level and goals for the future.

Student and Parent Responsibilities
Students are responsible for arriving at lessons on-time with the correct resources and having completed their practice.
For piano tuition – students need to practice on a decent instrument. If playing an acoustic piano, please ensure it’s less than 50 years old and is regularly tuned. If using a digital piano, please ensure it has full sized keys and fully weighted action.

Music Budget
In order to support learning, resources including books, music apps and materials are required. As a guide, please allow for $25 to $50 per term for new materials. Students who are more studious and learn new repertoire and skills more quickly may require more resources.

Practice and Parental Support
Regular, focused practice at home will make for very productive learning and excellent music making! From a neuroscientific perspective: when your brain practises a task effectively and with the right amount of repetition, the task will be performed with increasing efficiency and finesse. In music, this translates to heightened skill and control, and more comfortable music-making. It is recommended that students practise five or six days a week minimum.

Parental Support is an extremely important factor in musical training. Students whose parents take an active role in their progress tend to be more enthusiastic and productive. Create a quiet space where the student can practice and schedule a time for practice each day.

Studio Calendar
Lessons are conducted during school term time according to the Queensland State School Calendar. Lessons are not conducted on School Holidays, Public Holidays or Long Weekends, unless via special arrangement on a case-by-case basis. Due to my university commitments, there may be times within the school term that lessons aren’t available.

Monthly Tuition
Monthly tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but time preparing for each student as well and my ongoing business costs, including:
• An individualised plan for each student’s course of study
• My training and experience
• Professional organisation memberships
• Insurance and GST
• My music lending library
• Printing

My preferred method of payment is direct deposit. Bank details are provided on each invoice. I also accept cashInvoices are sent out one week prior to payment dates. Tuition is charged monthly or by semester in advance.

Missed and Cancelled Lessons

Just as schools don’t refund missed days from school, missed lessons will not be refunded. In reserving your lesson time I am keeping that time especially for you. Obviously, I would love for you to let me know that you can’t make it. If a student who attends one on one lessons is mildly unwell a Zoom can be provided; or a video lesson will be created during the student’s lesson time to discuss what to continue with for the week. Late arrival times will not be made up.

Students are offered the opportunity to sit Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams in piano, voice or theory of music. Prior to enrolment I will assess students to ensure they are ready, that exams are the right thing for the student and to cover areas required to ensure success. Students looking to take exams should be aware that it takes a huge amount of effort, determination and stamina and that commitment to regular practice is required.

Terminating Lessons
If you wish to finish lessons, please provide notice by email. Students will continue to receive the lessons they’ve paid for until the end of the monthly cycle when the termination will take effect. Refunds will not be issued.

Media Release
From time to time, I use photos and short videos of my students on these sites which I also post on YouTube and my Facebook Page. If you do not want your child’s images to be used, please let me know by email or in person. In general, students love to see their pictures and videos on my website or Facebook page. They find it motivating and exciting to think that others want to know what they are learning. Students are identified only by first name.

Contact Me
Parents and adult students are welcome to contact me during day time hours to discuss any matters associated with their education You are welcome to email me at any time. I value your communication!