Online piano Theory Voice Workshops

Online Lesson Resources

I will teach you

Everyone has done an incredible job with online lessons this month!  I’m so proud of you.

Here is a quick checklist of resources available to students:

Some quick tips for setting up for your online lesson

  • Please download Zoom onto your device before the lesson
  • To make lessons interactive, there will be some activities where students are asked to annotate the screen – this can be done on any device – have a play around with it with students so they feel comfortable and confident
  • Have your books/resources ready to go before we start (don’t forget your pencil)
  • Piano/Keyboard: Find a way to prop up the camera so that I’ll be able to see the student’s hands
  • Voice: Angle the camera so that I can see a full body view of students when they are singing
  • Voice: Have your backing tracks ready to go on a separate device (if possible) so that you can sing along to them
  • Everyone: Have fun!  (I’d love to meet any pets and favourite toys you’d like to introduce to me!!)

Flexible Lesson Options

If you’d like to change your lesson day/time during the social distancing restriction period – please reach out.  I’m happy to temporarily reschedule lessons.   I’m also happy to split lessons into shorter blocks of time and spread them out during the week.  This is great if you’re noticing that students are a bit fatigued.  For example – you may wish to split your regular 30 minute lesson into two 15 minute lessons eg. one on a Tuesday and the other on a Thursday.

Don’t forget to check out the holiday workshops and register for any that interest you.  These will be updated regularly.

Love your work everyone – you’re doing an incredible job!

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